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10 Khz Transmitter

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Clocker, Nov 21, 2004.

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  1. Clocker

    Clocker Guest

    Is it possible to build a 10khz radio transmitter? The required range
    is only about 100 feet.

    I have one of those electronic fences and I believe the collar works
    on a 10khz frequency. My dog has an extreme barking problem and I
    want to use the collar to train him not to bark. So, I thought I
    could have some type of transmitter than I can use to briefly activate
    his collar when he's barking too much so that he learns that barking
    the way he does is unacceptible.

    Is it possible to build a 10 khz transmitter to do what I want? If
    so, where can I find some info on how to do it? Or, is there
    something I can buy that will do what I want out of the box?

  2. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Hi Clocker,

    You can buy these for around $100 from various manufacturers. Most work
    on 27MHz. I could dig out the manual of ours if you need the brand. They
    often have a "good tone" (a buzz) if the dog behaves or stops a bad
    behavior on command and a bad tone (beep) if not. Then there are several
    pulse amplitudes for the shock. Be careful, try to stay with the low
    amplitudes where the dog just feels it. It should never yelp. Then it
    would be too hurtful. With our female dog all it now takes is to show
    her the remote. Even if she doesn't wear the collar...

    Just one word of caution: Never leave this collar on the dog unattended.
    If for some reason it goes on the fritz and rapid fires the dog can
    suffer serious burns. That has happened.

    Oh, BTW, there is no way you can transmit on 10KHz far enough with a
    tiny remote,

    Regards, Joerg
  3. Kim

    Kim Guest

    Funny... I was at Wal-Mart today looking at anti-bark collars for the sister
    in-laws CRAZY barking dog, and the ones that they had were 44 dollars, and
    said that they only gave a mild tingle, not a full-out shock. They were
    adjustable, to trigger if your dog barked either a little, or a lot.
  4. One manufacturer is Tritronics in Tucson AZ. Really nice guys.

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  5. Mac

    Mac Guest

    Designing the transmitter is easy. Designing a small antenna for 10 KHz
    is nearly impossible.

    The wavelength is C / f, where C is the speed of light, and f is the
    frequency. In your case it is (300 * 10^6) / (10 * 10^3) = 30 * 10 ^3
    meters or 30 km.

    My sister had a dog with a barking problem, and she chose a surgical
    solution instead. She resorted to this only because she thought the scary
    neighbors might shoot or otherwise harm the dog if it continued to bark.
    The dog doesn't seem to know or care that her bark is now relatively
    inaudible. She still goes through the motions happily.

  6. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    What is prompting the dog to bark in the first place?

  7. Pig Bladder

    Pig Bladder Guest

    Not under these conditions, because your receiver would be inside the
    tank coil. Dr. Tesla tried this trick, but Edison wanted DC.
  8. Mac

    Mac Guest

    Various things: a squirrel in a tree, a bird on a fence, a skunk in a
    bush, some new person appearing for the first time or an old friend
    coming back for another visit.

    She does not growl or bark in aggression. It is just a way of getting
    attention, as far as I know. You'd have to ask my sister if you want more
    details. ;-)
  9. Clocker

    Clocker Guest

    Thanks everybody for your feedback thus far. I really appreciate it!

    Joerg- If you don't mind digging up the brand name, I'd appreciate it!

  10. Clocker

    Clocker Guest

    Also, I have one point of confusion as well. If the collar responds
    to a 10khz signal like I believe it does, how will a transmitter that
    works at 27Mhz talk to it? I'm sure my lack of knowledge re:
    electronics and RF is definitely coming through here so please bear
    with me. :)

  11. Pig Bladder

    Pig Bladder Guest

    The correct solution is to train the dog's owner.
  12. Pig Bladder

    Pig Bladder Guest

    As usual, he's looking for a mechanical solution to mask the actual
    underlying human problem.
  13. Pig Bladder

    Pig Bladder Guest

    Oh, it's been quite evident since the original post that you're pretty
    much clue-free.

    Please don't punish the dog for the irresponsibility of her master.
  14. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Hi Clocker,
    With my wife not being here I couldn't find it. Of course...

    But I found it back on the web. It is an "Innotek SD-100" and we got it
    at a much lower price a couple years ago. I did a web search back then
    and found a great deal, something just above $100 or so. Works great and
    the band can be adjusted to nearly any size dog. It is not fully
    waterproof though so don't use it on a Labrador that likes to do some
    laps in the pool. But at least there are O-rings for the battery
    compartment so a slight drizzle during a walk probably won't matter
    much. The batteries are a bit odd but can be bought at larger
    supermarkets. Here is the link to check it out:

    This product doesn't always reach around the house since we have
    aluminum backed insulation in the walls. The Dogtra and Tritronics
    brands we tried from friends could reach farther but the bulky rubber
    antenna was getting in the way, especially on walks.

    Regards, Joerg
  15. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    27 Mhz carrier using AM modulation of a 10K signal ?
    or even a FM for that matter.
  16. Dingus

    Dingus Guest

    The honourable Pig Bladder wrote........
    Good point, there are special implants available for dog owners. A
    tiny microchip gets inserted into the owners brain, providing the brain
    is big enough to store the chip.

    When the dog barks, the chip transmits a message to the owner,
    causing the owner to bark in response. The result is both dog and
    owner get arrested and impounded for causing a public nuisance.

    Check your local friendly pet shop for more info.
  17. Clocker

    Clocker Guest

    That INNOTEK thing looks like it's an additional collar my dog would
    have to wear. I don't want to buy an additional collar, I want to use
    the existing one he's already wearing for the invisible fence.

    I want to be able to activate the collar he's wearing for the
    invisible fence on demand. Is that possible given that the collar
    works in response to the 10Khz signal?

  18. Bill Bailley

    Bill Bailley Guest

    Such a pity to burden the poor animal with another collar. Why don't you
    wear it?

  19. Clocker

    Clocker Guest

    Such a pity to burden the poor animal with another collar. Why don't you
    Don't _ Feed _ The _ Trolls

    Bill, if you don't have an on-topic, value-added contribution, please
    start your own thread.

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