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1 tv channel has no sound.

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by [email protected], Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Greetings Group.
    I have a very odd problem for you to think about.

    I have a customer with a LG vcr model FC920W.

    4 out of 5 tv channels tuned by the vcr have perfect sound and picture.
    But WIN television (UHF 35) has no sound at all, not even noise.

    The tv has no problem with any channel.

    I brought the vcr home to test, and it works perfectly here.

    There was no problem with their previous vcr.

    Any suggestions.

    Russell Griffiths.
  2. Bazil

    Bazil Guest

    Check the sound format via sound options and change to a common one.


  3. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    Or the PAL type selected.

  4. Guest

    Thanks for the replies Bryan and Ken.
    Both your suggestions have been checked with no luck.

    No changes to the options or tuning has been done from when it was at
    the customers house, but it works fine here.

    Is it possible there is some kind of local interference that could kill
    the sound only on one channel?

    Russell Griffiths.
  5. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    If the TV works on that channel it's not interference. Maybe it's
    overloaded - does it have a Local/DX or other attenuator switch? (Usually
    next to the aerial connector, but maybe via the menus). Was it connected to
    the TV via AV cables or antenna cable?

  6. Guest

    Yes I think interference is unlikely too ,when the tv is o.k.
    But, I am running out of any other ideas.

    The vcr has no Local/DX switch, and there is nothing in the menus.

    I don't think it should be overloaded, the tv signals are fairly weak
    in the area.
    The owner lives about 60Km further from the transmitters than I do, and
    the vcr has no trouble here.

    The vcr was connected to the tv with an antenna cable, I tried an av
    lead, but it made no difference.

    When I return to the owner, I think I will try a new masthead amplifier
    of a different type.

  7. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** Looks to me like the FM discriminator IC has decided to mute that
    channel due to a weakish signal level.

    If you have an in-line RF attenuator - you can see if the other chs do the
    same with the signal weakened deliberately.

    The only cures would be to adjust the mute setting , mod the circuit or
    replace the relevant IC.

    ........... Phil
  8. Guest

    When I first read your reply Phil, I thought you might be onto

    But i'm not sure now.

    I just tried an attenuator on the ant. in socket on the vcr here at the
    I started with 12dB and increased to 50dB.

    The picture was very snowy at 50dB, but I still had sound.

  9. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    Just a thought, your friend doesn't also feed Austar (or a game box or some
    such) in via RF? I can't see any other form of interference wiping out the
    sound. Maybe an AV sender or game, etc in another room over there...? If you
    are heading back to try it out, I'd suggest you take another VCR which you
    know works at your place. Set up with the same channels and output on the
    same RF channel. Maybe change the output channel when there. By the way,
    what channel is it outputting on?


  10. Guest

    Thanks for the suggestions Ken.
    No, there is no Austar, games machine or av transmitter.

    All your suggestions will be kept in mind when I return.
    I think the RF output channel is 67.

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