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1-25 m range sensor

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Ricardo Perezzo, Sep 11, 2005.

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  1. What type of range (distance) measurement sensor (and/or sensor combinations
    to minimize the total cost) available with the following specs
    i. Range : 1-25 meters
    ii.Accuracy : 2-5cm
    iii. Max spot size at target : 10cm radius @ 25m
    iv. Repetation rate : 10Hz
    v. Price : (Yes, I would prefer "low cost" whatever it means)
  2. Andrew M

    Andrew M Guest

    A tape measure

    $10 from bunnings
  3. D Herring

    D Herring Guest

    If you could handle a much larger spot size, and possibly a lesser
    range, ultrasonic rangefinders are the cheapest option for long
    distances. If the small spot size is required, then you might be stuck
    with pricey laser rangefinders that measure the round-trip travel time.
    The Acuity AR4000 measures up to 16.5m and lists at $3500. Similar
    products can be found elsewhere.

  4. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    I bought one on sale at the local hardware warehouse for about $50 the other


  5. You can get a 25m tape for that price? Here in the US, for $10 you
    would be lucky to get a good 25-foot tape.

    Mark Borgerson
  6. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    See, if you went metric you'd get a 300% + improvement on things straight

  7. Peter

    Peter Guest

    That sounds like a laser rangefinder to me. All you need is a laser diode
    and photodiode, possibly a reflector on the target coupled with some very
    fast pulse generating and measuring. Hope that helps with the homework.

  8. Guest

    Actually, most laser range finders use a phase measurement, rather
    than actual flight time. Leica Geosystems makes some fairly lowcost
    laser distance meters, around $800 if I recall correctly.
  9. D Herring

    D Herring Guest

    Thanks for the link. The Disto Lite is only $330 (at
    and measures up to 200m with 3mm accuracy. Their higher-end units have
    bluetooth for wireless data transfer. If I only had a reason to buy
    one; they look neat.

  10. Don Gravos

    Don Gravos Guest

    Thanks for the link. The Disto Lite is only $330 (at and
    Does Disto Lite has any computer interface such as RS232?
  11. Guest

    The DISTO Lite and Classic do not have the ability to transmit data. A
    previous DISTO, called the DISTO Pro 4, did have an RS232 port. It is
    no longer being manufactured. It was replaced by the DISTO Plus.

    If you have any questions about the DISTO products, feel free to ask
    them. You can also visit our website...

    Best Regards,

    Matt Johnson
  12. Your Mom (when you do something she does not approve of)!

    She comes for free!
  13. Tom Twist

    Tom Twist Guest


    You must be really fast with the tape measure to achieve 10 Hz
    repetition rate betheen 1 and 25 m.

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