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0.8mm pitch board to board surface mount connector needed. Please help if you can.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by kel-fbs, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. kel-fbs

    kel-fbs Guest

    I have been searching everywhere for a while now for a 30way dual row
    (15 pins on each row) 0.8mm pitch board to board surface mount plug and
    recepticle to repair my laptop. It has been like trying to find gold.
    If I find one then it is usually on a manufacturers website and they
    wouldn't even waste their time with me as they only sell to large
    distributors or it will be an american website that won't sell overseas
    or the best one I have found upto now is a site called farnellinone
    which is a UK based site but has a minmum order of £20 excluding VAT.
    I was really hoping not to have to pay this much for just 2 connectors
    that only come to about £2 each.

    I am kinda gutted at the moment, thinking that I may never get my
    laptop back up and running and was hoping that maybe someone here may
    know of somewhere that I could get them form or even have somthing like
    that lying around.
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