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PCB Design Considerations

Tips on designing PCB's

  1. chopnhack
    I would like to start a living document of sorts to include the collective wisdom of the forum on PCB design considerations - things to look for and watch out for when doing a PCB layout.

    General Guide
    PCB thickness
    Copper layer thickness
    Ground Planes
    -Short article discussing ground plane design basics.
    -Basics of Tenting/Plugging Vias
    -Via Spacing
    Thermal Vias
    Alignment of components
    Terminal Connections
    -Tin Plating and Resistivity
    -Trace Width Calculator
    -High Current Carrying alternatives to traces: PCB Bus Bars
    Solder Mask
    Layout Software
    -Short Guide on Eagle

    Fantastic guide to SMPS PCB layout:
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