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LTSPICE Shortcuts

Time-saving Keyboard Shortcuts for LTSpice

  1. Harald Kapp
    LTSpice Shortcuts.jpg


        f 1e-15 E 2.71828…
    T 1e12 p 1e-12 Pi 3.14159…
    G 1e9 n 1e-9 K 1.38065e-23
    Meg 1e6 u 1e-6 Q 1.60217e-19
    K 1e3 M 1e-3 TRUE 1
        Mil 25.4e-6 FALSE 0
    Command Line Switches:

    Flag Short Description
    -ascii Use ASCII .raw file (Degrades performance!)
    -b Run in batch mode
    -big or -max Start as a maximized window
    -encrypt Encrypt a model library
    -FastAccess Convert a binary .raw file to Fast Access Format
    -netlist Convert a schematic to a netlist
    -nowine Prevent use of WINE (Linux) workarounds
    -PCBnetlist Convert a schematic to a PCB netlist
    -registry Store user preferences in the registry
    -Run Start simulating the schematic on open
    -SOI Allow MOSFET's to have up to 7 nodes in subcircuit
    -uninstall Executes one step of the uninstallation process
    -wine Force use of WINE (Linux) workarounds
    Simulator Directives — Dot Commands:

    Command Short Description
    .AC Perform a Small Signal AC Analysis
    .BACKANNO Annotate the Subcircuit Pin Names on Port currents
    .DC Perform a DC Source Sweep Analysis
    .END End of Netlist
    .ENDS End of Subcircuit Definition
    .FOUR Compute a Fourier Component
    .FUNC User Defined Function
    .FERRET Download a File Given the URL
    .GLOBAL Declare Global Nodes
    .IC Set Initial Conditions
    .INCLUDE Include another File
    .LIB Include a Library
    .LOADBIAS Load a Previously Solved DC Solution
    .MEASURE Evaluate User-Defined Electrical Quantities
    .MODEL Define a SPICE Model
    .NET Compute Network Parameters in a .AC Analysis
    .NODESET Supply Hints for Initial DC Solution
    .NOISE Perform a Noise Analysis
    .OP Find the DC Operating Point
    .OPTIONS Set Simulator Options
    .PARAM User-Defined Parameters
    .SAVE Limit the Quantity of Saved Data
    .SAVEBIAS Save Operating Point to Disk
    .STEP Parameter Sweeps
    .SUBCKT Define a Subcircuit
    .TEMP Temperature Sweeps
    .TF Find the DC Small-Signal Transfer Function
    .TRAN Do a Nonlinear Transient Analysis
    .WAVE Write Selected Nodes to a .WAV file
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