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List of EDA packages

Lists of EDA (schematic and PCB) packages: free/open-source, free limited versions, and commercial

  1. KrisBlueNZ
    These packages include schematic "capture" and PCB layout. Some include autorouters. The commercial packages also include autorouters, simulation, and other features.

    Web-based (run in browser):

    123D Circuits -
    Upverter Free for publically visible designs
    EasyEDA -
    Free and budget:

    AutoTRAX DEX 2020 Free trial; full price USD 49; not related to Protel Autotrax
    DesignSpark PCB or Free (non-commercial and commercial); affiliated with RS Components. Anon: Requires (free) registration; buggy; requires constant internet connection with cookies enabled. Supercap2F: Too hard to use; schematics look terrible; supports large sizes and many layers; has 3D PCB view.
    DIYLC Java. For drawing schematics, board/chassis layouts, guitar wiring diagrams, or anything.
    FreePCB Anon: Not maintained since 2011. Supercap2F: I did not like it
    Fritzing Schematics, PCBs, breadboard and stripboard layouts. Anon: "a toy".
    gEDA suite Posix/Linux and Mac OSX; GPL
    KiCAD Open source. Windows/Mac/Linux. Anon: buggy to the point of being unusable. Supercap2F: Easy to figure out, but slow to use.
    Open Circuit Design Linux only
    PCBweb Windows only. Schematic and PCB. Has some Digi-Key catalog references. 2014-11-08 supercap2F: Very poor UI; very slow; requires Internet access during use; definitely not recommended.
    Protel Autotrax and EasyTrax downloads MS-DOS - use DOSBox ( under Windows
    Storm DIY layout creator Open-source; PCB, perfboard and stripboard. KrisBlueNZ: Didn't run properly under Win7/64
    TinyCAD For schematics (includes netlist export) and line diagrams. Anon: Library is extremely limited - there are only 11 microcontrollers. Good reviews on sourceforge.
    VeeCAD Only for stripboard and prototyping boards. Free and cheap versions available.
    Free limited versions of professional packages:

    Bartels AutoEngineer Windows, Linux, X11/Unix. Schematic is free; PCB has a free demo version
    Cadstar 300 pads and 50 components
    CometCAD 10x10 cm and 2 layers
    DipTrace Windows/Mac/Linux. 300 pads and 2 layers. KrisBlueNZ: Produces very nice-looking schematics. Supercap2F: Highly recommended. Huge parts library; 3D PCB view; very easy to use; very well documented.
    Eagle 8×10 cm and 2 layers. Windows/Linux/Mac. Widely used.
    Layo1 200 pads
    OrCAD PCB Designer Lite -
    OsmondCocoa Mac only. 700 pins. Supercap2F: PCB only. Very easy to use.
    PCB Elegance 200 pads
    Target 3001 250 pads and 2 layers
    VUTRAX -
    ZenitPCB 800 pads and 2 layers. Supercap2F: Could be good if it had better documentation
    PCB-vendor-locked (can only be used with one PCB manufacturer):

    ExpressSCH, ExpressPCB Windows only. Anon: Very difficult and cumbersome to use; moving a component requires manual realignment of all connections to it; very limited library. Supercap2F: Great program, easy to use, produces really nice schematics, but cannot export boards to send to manufacturers other than ExpressPCB.
    Pad2Pad -
    PCB123 Windows only
    PCB Artist Windows only
    PCB Creator Windows only
    Target 3001 PCB-POOL edition Windows only
    Professional without free or cheap versions:

    Altium-Formerly Protel
    Boardmaker 3D viewer. KrisBlueNZ: Looks expensive!
    CIRCAD -
    EasyPC Free version can’t save nor generate output
    EDWinXP Evaluation period is 14 days
    Mentor Graphics and Slightly limited schematic USD 200 and PCB USD 400
    Multisim Schematic capture and SPICE simulation; see Ultiboard
    OrCAD -
    PADS-- -
    Pulsonix -
    Sprint-Layout Inexpensive
    Ultiboard PCB option for Multisim
    If you have personal experience with any (or preferably, several) of these packages, and can provide feedback on their usability, please PM KrisBlueNZ or add a comment in the resource discussion tab. Thanks!
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