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Eric basic electronics modules on the internet archive

Eric modules on the internet archive

  1. bertus

    Here I found a couple of modules from the ERIC series.
    ERIC ED099498: Module One: Electrical Current;
    ERIC ED099499: Module Two: Voltage;
    ERIC ED099500: Module Three: Resistance;
    ERIC ED099501: Module Four: Measuring Current and Voltage in Series Circuits;
    ERIC ED099502: Module Five: Relationships of Current, Voltage, and Resistance;
    ERIC ED099503: Module Six: Parallel Circuits;
    ERIC ED099504: Module Seven: Combination Circuits and Voltage Dividers;
    ERIC ED099505: Module Eight: Induction;
    ERIC ED099506: Module Nine: Relationships of Current, Counter EMF, and Voltage in LR Circuits;
    ERIC ED099507: Module Ten: Transformers;
    ERIC ED099508: Module Eleven: Capacitance;
    ERIC ED099509: Module Twelve: Series AC Resistive-Reactive Circuits;
    ERIC ED099510: Module Thirteen: Series AC RLC Circuits and Resonance;
    ERIC ED099511: Module Fourteen: Parallel AC Resistive-Reactive Circuits;
    ERIC ED099512: Module Fifteen: Special Topics;

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