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Component suppliers

Names and web addresses for companies that supply electronic components

  1. KrisBlueNZ

    Digikey variety of passives and semiconductors. Overseas shipping is expensive!
    Mouser Digikey but also tools etc
    Newark Element 14
    Allied Electronics affiliate of rs-components
    Jameco "Wide range of components; great catalogue and service"
    Radio Shack component range; many stores
    Fry’s Electronics products than components
    Electronics Goldmine "Neat stuff; hard-to-find components"
    MPJA "Lots of tools; great service"
    BG Micro "Oddball stuff; fast response"
    Futurlec has PCB manufacturing and other services
    All Electronicshttp://www.allelectronics.comCalifornia; they deal in surplus; recommended by DoubleDogDan
    MCM products than parts; maker stuff; security
    Full Compass audio/video; lighting; musical instruments
    Proto Advantage "Supplies an extensive line of SMT to DIP adapter boards."
    Sparkfun KJ6EAD: "Arduino and other microcontrollers and their accessories primarily aimed at the hobbyist and student market. Also has Lilypad and other artistic electronic supplies."
    Adafruit KJ6EAD: "Arduino and other microcontrollers and accessories."
    Circuit Specialists KJ6EAD: "Professional and hobby electronic supplies. Notable as a source of excellent Syntax prototyping PCBs."
    The Fiber Optic Store KJ6EAD: "Plastic optical fiber products for art."
    Madisound "A very good speaker supply place."
    Parts Express DoubleDogDan: "General electronics, especially audio."
    Fair Radio Sales "Funky "old school"/Ham radio/military electronics surplus."

    Digikey UK
    Mouser UK
    Farnell / Element 14 range of components
    CPC Farnell "Like a big Maplin; was bought by Farnell"
    RS Online range of components
    Arrow Europe
    Maplin range of components; many stores
    Bitsbox says "good prices; delivery cheap and normally next day"
    Microchip Direct
    Rapid Online
    ESR "ESR are worth a visit"

    Arcade du
    Conrad France "Domain available in many european countries (DE, BE...)"
    Electronique Diffusion
    Espace Composant Électronique
    henri "Reliable service"
    Lextronicwww.lextronic.frOLIVE2222: "Reliable service"
    Radiospares (RS)
    Reichelt Elektronik
    RF Electronica
    Selectronicwww.selectronic.frOLIVE2222: "Reliable service"
    Sim radio é
    SOS "Good prices on Simcom range"
    St Quentin Radio
    Tigal "Reliable service"

    Element 14http://au.element14.comWide range
    RS Australia range; free shipping within Australia
    Jaycar range of components than Dick Smith; local stores
    Dick Smith Electronics range of components; local stores
    Rockby Electronic Components
    Oatley Electronics
    Futurlechttp://www.futurlec.comAlso has PCB manufacturing and other services

    Solarboticshttps://solarbotics.comCanada (ships to US); Supercap2F: "Lots of motors and sensors"
    If anyone has additions, or can provide comments (e.g. size and focus of products carried, chain of stores vs. e-order only) that would be useful to potential buyers, please comment via the Discussion tab, or PM KrisBlueNZ.[/td][/tr]
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