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WiFi on my coffee machine

  • Hello all,

    I added WiFi to my coffee machine and connected it to Domoticz (home automation server) so I can prepare myself a coffee while I'm sitting at my desk or setup a timer to have a fresh coffee ready when I wake up :)

    Adding WiFi to the machine
    Using an esp8266 for the WiFi connection, I connected a transistor to each button of the machine, and connected the screen back light signal to my circuit in order to get the current status of the machine (back light color changes from green to red to yellow depending on what's going on).

    The circuit is completely embedded in the machine and is totally invisible, it is connected to the machine power so it doesn't need any external buttons or anything. of course the machine works exactly as before, each button is still fully functional.

    I use LUA (with a NodeMCU formware) on the esp8266, with a TCP client (to get commands from Domoticz) and a TCP server (to send out status at regular intervals).
    On Domoticz I have four defined devices, three outputs and one input:
    - Machine power
    - Machine status
    - Small coffee
    - Large coffee

    I'm using Dashticz as an alternative dashboard, and I made a custom bloc that gather information from these 4 devices into one, resulting in a nice looking and easy to use interface for my WiFi coffee machine:

    Some links
    Source code is here
    My Dashticz fork is here: (I made some bug fixing in the original code and started adding a French translation for it, will do a pull request once it's a bit more polished)
    Detailled project log is here:
    Imgur album:
    It was a very fun project to work on, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!
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