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Touch fret touch string synthesizer bass guitar

  • My latest project is my touch fret touch string synthesizer bass guitar, based on digital sample table synthesis with a 6bit synthesis engine. Includes an AR envelope along with in the near future, filters and LFO's.

    It started out as just a plank of wood with my touch system on the neck and the strings (I'm going to patent my touch fret system if nobody has done it before!), with no form of VCA or different timbres.

    I've documented all of the progress so far (apart from the latest video!) on Youtube, so anybody is more than welcome to watch:

    Above is a link to the first video, just demonstrating the concept with a bit of hysteria too.

    Next, is a video showing the progress where the timbre control has been added and a few more glitches smoothened out

    The current final video on is a couple of covers done using the bass of some popular songs:

    The last 2 are in HD so you get a better view of the product.

    I'll keep you updated! Any feedback is good!

    Got the third update! Inclusion of the VCA :)

    The final update is:

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