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LM4702 ultra hifi audio amplifier

  • i'm still in high school, so don't expect much progress on this as i have a limited budget

    so i'm making a hi-fi amp. i was browsing around digi key and i came across a lme49811 chip. i found out that the highs aren't really good, so i did more poking around digi key. then found this this LM4702B chip. i saw the specs were super good, and it used mosfet drivers, which means it has high wattage output. so here are the specs:
    .0003% thd
    300 watt per channel
    2 channels (you only really need two most of the time)
    toshiba 2sk1530/2sj201 mosfets

    then i found out how crappy the quality of most DACs and pre amps were, and how expensive the good ones were so i had to build that too (aw sh!t)
    so here are the specs:
    for the DAC i'll be using two chips
    spdif/coax (pcm) to audio interface
    32khz-192khz sample rate
    120db range
    -107db (0.0004467%) thd+n

    the pre amplifier will consist of a burr-brown OPA2134, i might not use this, or maybe select a different chip because that will cause too many stages in my amplifier, inducing lots of distortion.
    .00008% thd+n
    yeah, not much to see here.

    while i'm at it, might as well make a super sensitive stage just for microphone input:
    .004% thd
    1.2 nv sensitivity

    any suggestions? comments?
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