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Fruit Machine (arduino controlled)

  • This project has kept me busy for several months. I have a collection videos, photos, schematics and illustrations of each progressive step I have taken.

    The biggest challenge was getting the motors to spin at a reasonable rate and then stop dead with precision at an exact known position. I experimented with several motors and motor controllers and monitored the stopping accuracy, current loads, heat and rotational speeds.

    A few photos attached show the home made reels and then a wider shot illustrating the various modules of the project as a whole.

    The reels are made from old CD cases (or tubs) with home printed adhesive gloss vinyl and sprayed white on the inside with enamel paint.

    The motors I eventually settled on are NEMA17 (400 steps) driven via TB6600 Controllers.

    Two Arduino Mega 2560 boards are utilized which communicate with each other over an I2C link. The main reason for two controllers was to ensure that the unpredictable timing of the player's activity, such as pressing buttons or inserting another coin, are dealt within instantly and are not missed whilst a board is tied up dealing with something else (e.g. streaming out pulses to the motor controllers).

    The Mega 2560 boards provide oodles of I/Os which get used up pretty quickly. I currently have 5 x individually controlled illuminated press buttons, 2x20 LCD display, 4-digit 7-segment LED cash display, multiple feature LED outputs, sound board interface, 3 x motor controllers, coin entry detection & acknowledge interface (latched via 555 chip circuit).......

    The whole thing will eventually be housed in an MDF or sprayed perspex cabinet and will be powered from an old PC PSU (12V and 5V) plus a separate 5A 24V PSU for the motor power.

    I will upload more (including video if I can) at a later date....
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