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DO-160 Section 22, Lightning Induced Transient Susceptibility Test Project

  • I just spent about an hour and a half writing a nice long log of what I have done with pictures and lists of equipment. I hit spell check because I'm a bad speller and POOF... everything went away. I will reproduce the post tomorrow but in the for the being I just wanted to let you all know.

    I have to figure out how to use a piece of equipment that simulates indirect lighting strikes by injecting transient waveforms onto equipment while power is applied. These tests for aviation equipment are required by the FAA.

    I will post cool pictures and a full description of everything I have done so far tomorrow. But for now just enjoy this.



    Correct Current Probe

    I just got this in. It is the current probe I'll be using. The round gray one in the photo can't measure high enough current to work for us. I knew this when I took the picture and was using the grey one as a stand in. However, this project is on hold. I am making cables now. I'll post updates when I get back to work on this.



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