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Buck converter for small wind turbine project

  • Greetings, I am new to the forum. I recently constructed and tested a working PMA and VAWT. At 40 MPH it will produce 9 amps DC using a 12 volt deep cell for a test load.

    I recently watched a video of a MPPT controller.

    This is a video that demonstrates the benefits of using a MPPT circuit with a PMA.

    I started a project for a very basic buck converter to determine if it will produce a higher output from my PMA at a lower wind speed.


    As I understand the circuit chargers the output inductor when the MOSFET is on.
    When the MOSFET is off, the turbine will be allowed to maintain a higher RPM and the energy stored in the inductor will discharge current into the battery.

    The output voltage will always be fixed to the battery voltage.
    The input voltage will change as the turbine RPM changes.
    The input voltage will be high with low current and the output voltage will be low with higher current because the energy stored in the large output inductor will discharge into the battery as the MOSFET turns on and off.

    I have all the parts to fabricate a very basic low amp output buck converter.
    I am trying to design the basic test circuit so a micro controller can be added if required.
    This is a first attempt at designing a power circuit. I have a basic understanding of all the concepts involved and comments are welcome.

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