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Arduino compatible high precision frequency meter

  • Hello,

    I would like to expose you a project that I started already 4 months ago and it is running at low speed. It is much more complicated than I expected. I had to change the design, find a manufacturer and source components etc. So now I am prototyping the board and I guess I will have to prototype a couple of version to reach the goal. I built a WP page to present the project there :

    One of my problems now is that if I don't want to hand solder all prototypes and also If I want to test a board that would be more like an industrialized one, I would need to reflow it. I don't have anything else than a hot plate and a innacurate temperature probe on a multimeter. I also bought solder paste

    and I am not very at ease to reflow it in my one bedroom appartment! I wonder how to solder this smd prototype for 1) the least cost 2) the best result 3) without being poisoined by lead!

    Here is the first prototype PCB that I hand solder now since I don't master reflow and I have to check and even correct things during the making.
    PCB nettoyé percé.jpg

    Update june 08 2017.

    I would like to inform you that the problem is solved. I ordered PCBs from China. it is probably cheaper than doing it myslef and much better. Here is the PCB Carte Freq_LF_HF_v1.0 - top.jpg
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