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24v stepper controlled by aruduino

  • I finally have a 24v power supply and want to control a stepper with an arduino. Never done this before and think it should be easy. I will be using an UNO and four P-channel MOSFETS and four N-channel MOSFETS. My theory is that I can connect digital pins to the gates of the four MOSFETS, 24v to the source pins, and ground the drains. The UNO will be powered by the 24v through a 5v regulator.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

    Stepper Drive.png

    My MOSFETs arrived today. I will try some that I think will work. They are FQP30N06L (60v N-channel QFET) and FQPF47P06 (60v P-channel QFET).
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