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Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by SQLit, Aug 10, 2005.

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    "Harry Muscle" <> wrote in message
    > Thanks to everyone who's responded to my last question about aluminum
    > wiring. I thought I'd investigate the option of using a hydrolic
    > pressing or crimping tool to add copper pigtails onto the aluminum
    > wires. Apparently that's how aluminum wire connections are made by the
    > utility companies.
    > I know there's a tool available and certified for residental wiring,
    > called COPALUM, unfortunately the company who offers this tool has very
    > strict rules and regulations, etc. regarding who can use it, etc. ...
    > making it quite expensive to actually use, not to mention that no one
    > in Canada is actually certified at the moment to use this tool.
    > However, electrical utilities obvioulsy have tools that they use also
    > for such things. Hence I'm wondering if anyone could help me dig up
    > some information on other powered crimping tools that can be used to
    > attach copper to aluminum wire.
    > Thanks,
    > Harry

    ratching crimpers are what I would and do use.

    The biggest issue is to find a crimp that is AL/CU rated.
    After much googling I found this

    "COPALUM connectors are available from Tyco Electronics under the AMP brand.
    Consumers can check to see if the COPALUM connector system is available in
    their area by calling the company at (800) 522-6752. To order a list of
    authorized electricians in their area, consumers can write to: Tyco
    Electronics Corp., Attn: Aluminum Wire Repair Program, P.O. Box 3608,
    Harrisburg, PA 17105-3608. If no authorized electrician is currently located
    nearby, consumers can have an electrician interested in repairing their home
    contact the nearest supplier of AMP- brand COPALUM connectors for training
    and other repair information."

    Seems no one is going to sell parts,,,, tools yes.

    Have fun anything that is this "closed" I have serious suspicions about.
    SQLit, Aug 10, 2005
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