Re: ICOM M802 SSB - Channel Guide

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Larry, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Larry

    Larry Guest

    ned <> wrote in news:8a8c74bc-8c90-46c5-b1b3-a35d6e966870@

    > Can anyone advise how I might obtain a Channel Guide for this radio?
    > ICOM's site does not have it for downloading. Thanks. Ned

    Do you mean what marine channels does it support?

    Look on Acrobat's page 4 of the manual downloaded from here. The channels
    and groups it comes preprogrammed with are on that page to answer your

    But, alas, you can add any frequency (simplex) or frequency pair (duplex)
    you like by following the directions in the manual.

    To open up the transmitter so it will transmit on ANY frequency from 2-30
    Mhz, simply hold down the MODE and TX buttons with the M800 powered off,
    then, while holding these buttons down, turn it on and it will toggle into
    full width transmit mode. To put it back into marine channels ONLY just
    repeat the procedure. I use it for ham radio when I'm aboard (W4CSC) but
    always turn full transmit off again before leaving the boat so my captain
    doesn't end up in trouble calling out on a BBC channel I've also programmed
    into user memories for him to listen to BBC back home....
    Larry, Mar 5, 2008
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  2. Larry

    Larry Guest

    ned <> wrote in news:21a2ee32-28ce-4cea-b51f-837d61338e12

    > Thanks, Larry. That's an informative site. --- Ned

    Great radio. I have the triattic insulated on both ends near the two
    masts and a stainless cable connecting it to the top of the backstay
    antenna from its center, forming a capacitor hat for the lower freqs.

    I worked Perth, Australia on 20 meter ham band. That should be far
    enough from a boat...

    NOTE - Get rid of the crap control cable plug on the tuner end of the
    control cable! How stupid. Open the tuner and take out the pigtail thru
    the stuffing tube in the tuner box. After cutting off the stupid little
    plug from the cable, pull the cable thru the stuffing tube and solder the
    control wires to the same rings the pigtail was soldered to. The cable
    and pigtail use the same color code, so note the colors from the pigtail
    leads before cutting them out so you'll have the colors easily. How
    stupid to put an OPEN PLUG outside in the weather. Make sure the gasket
    is in place before screwing the cover back down tightly. Ours is outside
    and doesn't leak a drop!
    Larry, Mar 10, 2008
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