4 V gel cell for Tek 222PS scope

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by mroberds@worldnet.att.net, Apr 21, 2005.

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    Hello all!

    I am looking for a replacement battery for a Tektronix "Power Scout"
    222PS portable scope. The original battery supplied by Tek consists
    of two Panasonic 4 V 2.2 Ah/20h gel cell batteries glued together and
    wired in series. The Tek label rates this combination at 8.0 V,
    2.1 Ah/10h and gives the part number as 146-0075-00. (This same battery
    may have been used in the other portable scopes like this one, like maybe
    the 222/A and 224.)

    The Panasonic part number for each battery is LC-2042R1PU . I can't
    find this number, but they are the same size, shape, and terminal
    configuration as the (discontinued) LCS-214P,
    http://www.panasonic.com/industrial/battery/oem/images/pdf/SLA LCS-214P Discontinued.pdf
    .. (Tek welded some tabs onto the battery terminals to connect the wires
    to.) I have checked some of the usual suspects (Power Sonic, CSB,
    Yuasa/Enersys, and Sonnenschein) and none of them make exactly this
    battery. Power Sonic makes some 4 V batteries that are physically and
    electrically too big. They also make an 8 V 3.2 Ah battery
    http://www.power-sonic.com/ps-832.pdf that will almost fit in
    the hole except it's just a bit too long (the 5.3"/134 mm dimension).

    If I can't find the right battery, I have other options. I sort of want
    to stay with lead-acid or with something that has a compatible charging
    requirement so I can keep using the charger built into the scope. If I
    can find a 12 V battery that fits in the hole, I can run it into the
    external power jack on the scope, but then I have to come up with a
    separate charger for the battery. Or, maybe I can stack up some NiCd,
    NiMH, or 2 V SLA cells to get there.

    Any tips or leads will be appreciated. Thanks!

    Matt Roberds
    , Apr 21, 2005
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